Paul Horowitz


intakt • a better to-do list.

A todo list app built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

With unlimited project and tasks, and local storage capibilities. 😉

A Pauly Made Role Playing Game

An RPG made in C# and Windows Forms.

Includes logic for player movement, player attributes, combat with enemies.

A simple weather app.

In HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Utilising the openweathermap API, it provides current weather for cities worldwide

A Pauly Made Calculator

A web based calculator build with HTML, CSS and Vanilla JavaScript.

Just whatever you do, DO NOT divide by zero. 😉


Party like it's 1989 with your very own etch-a-sketch. 🕺🏻

Change grid sizes and access rainbow mode. 🌈

Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

Play the classic schoolyard game from the comfort of your own home.

Online Library-Book Database

Avid reader? Can't remember what page you're up to with your books?

Can't remember if you've read a particular book. This app is here to the rescue!

Flappy Ball

It's the hit game 'Flappy Bird' but with a basketball twist.

(Unless i'm about to get sued... Then it's completely different to Flappy Bird)

My Portfolio

Well isn't this meta...

This is the GitHub for the portfolio you're viewing this minute.